Here you can find the final reports of our seminar course on virtual laboratories in natural sciences (course website), all published under a Creative Commons license. We organised the course during the Autumn 2022 semester at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki. The responsible teachers were Dr Jarmo Mäkelä and Assoc Prof Kai Puolamäki.

  • Līva Freimane & Haoyo Wei: Uncertainty Quantification and Concept Drift (pdf)
  • Anu Kirjasuo & Bruno Oliveira Cattelan & Oluwascun Alexander Dada: Virtual lab for fusion (pdf)
  • Joonas Kukkonen & Adiel Lindroos & Anna Brauer: Explainable AI for the natural sciences (pdf)
  • Jarkko Louhi & Juniper Tyree: Review on Virtual Laboratories in Practice (pdf)
  • Ayush Prasad & Kwabena Atobra & Topi Laanti: Regression models as emulators (pdf)